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West Surf Hotel

Surf school

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The surf school aims to bring all the surfing and its benefits, regardless of age. Our coaches are ready to help all kinds of people, as has been proven over the years.

Given that we deem to be of great importance of the close relationship with the student trainer, seek in our classes there too many students per coach.

We are surf

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We are surf 2013-06-03 3.92 / 5 14

The surf was always for me a lifestyle, a necessity to travel with the board, always seeking the best waves.

In 1974, at age 7, saw the first surf magazines, where photos showed havens Hawaiian and Indonesian, where surfers rode in shorts and slippers, which woke me up just a will to live so I too, in a relaxed , also wanting to be a professional surfer. From very early and had this sensitivity will, but in Portugal only 3% of the population knew what the surf, I do not have anyone to share this with ease and interest. I tried surfing for a long time to compete, entering contests of surf.

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